Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel® Arch Supports

Make shoes more comfortable with Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel® Arch Supports. They're designed to absorb shock and support your arch so you experience immediate and all-day arch pain relief.

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    • Clinically proven arch pain relief
    • Supports & comforts the arch
    • Absorbs shock
    • ¾ length design easily fits in shoes
    Available in:
    • Men's (sizes 6-11)
    • Women's (sizes 6-10)
    Designed to fit:
    • Casual shoes
    • Dress shoes
    • Sneakers

How it works

  • Delivers energizing support and cushioning
  • Outrageous arch support: Massaging Gel® waves support and comfort the arch
  • Provides shock absorption and stability
How to use:
  • Place on top of your current insole
  • No trimming required
  • Replace every 6 months or at first signs of wear

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