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Dr. Scholl’s® believes that when we move better,we move more and we live more.

Dr. Scholl’s® is proud to support this initiative because together, we believe that movement is central to everyone’s wellbeing. We want to inspire lasting change in your health and your life, one small step at a time.

Dr. Scholl’s® is also a national supporter of the American Heart Association’s Healthy For Good Heart Walks.

We will be on site at 11 Heart Walks around the country in 2017-2018.

Articles and tips to help keep you moving

Treat Your Feet Right

Finding Comfort and Pain Relief

From blisters to heel pain, uncomfortable foot and lower body discomfort can keep you from being as active as you want to be. Learn more about some common causes and solutions for foot and lower body issues.

Keeping Your Feet Happy

Your feet are your foundation, so making comfort a priority could help support your goal to Move More. Use these tips to keep moving.