Arch Pain

Arch pain is common in people with a typical structural problem known as flat feet. Arch pain may also occur in people with fallen arches (a fallen arch is one that has collapsed due to bearing weight).

Flat feet can lead to extreme stress or inflammation of the plantar fascia, possibly causing severe discomfort and leading to other foot problems. Without properly supported arches, simple movement can pull your body out of alignment and cause stress, strain and fatigue to your lower body.

arch pain illustration

You may have arch pain if you feel pain in your arch and/or fatigue in your arch, heel, knee, leg or lower back.

arch pain illustration

Flat feet are often hereditary. Arch pain may also be caused by wearing shoes with inadequate support, standing or walking for long periods of time in high heels, or overuse of the feet during work or sports. Being overweight also places additional stress on the feet, especially the arches.

arch pain illustration
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Use insoles to support your arches
  • Limit how often you wear high heels
  • Use proper shoes, especially when exercising to evenly distribute weight through your foot
arch pain illustration

Not medical advice, see a doctor if problems persist.

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