Knee Pain

Generalized pain in the knee that can be caused by weakness, instability, or excess forces due to activity.

Knee Pain Illustration

Many medical conditions can cause knee pain. Some possible causes of knee pain are spending long periods of time on your feet, being overweight, having improper posture (standing or sitting) or having improperly cushioned and supported feet.

The knee can be subject to forces 3-5 times your body weight, especially during bending and in conditions such as stair climbing and descent. Stress on your knee joints can aggravate the tendons and ligaments responsible for the support of the knee and kneecap, causing pain.

Knee Pain Illustration
  • Avoid repetitive stress on your knee joints, such as that sustained during running or jumping
  • Lose weight if you need to. Every one pound you lose can reduce the burden on your knees by four pounds
  • Exercise to strengthen the lower body muscles
  • Use insoles or inserts that provide a combination of shock absorption, cushioning and support for your feet
Knee Pain Illustration

Not medical advice, see a doctor if problems persist.

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