Active Sport & Fitness Kit


Active Sport & Fitness Kit


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Don’t let muscle fatigue, odor or blisters hold you back. Stay active with a unique combination of Dr. Scholl’s® favorites: Athletic Series Sport Insoles, Odor-X® Ultra Odor-Fighting Spray, and Blister Cushions.

Product Benefits
  • Sport Insoles are designed with Massaging Gel® Advanced technology, which cushions and absorbs shock to help reduce muscle fatigue in feet & legs and helps reduce stress on lower body joints. In addition, the flexible arch and lateral support help provide motion control for stopping and cutting./li>
  • Odor-X® Ultra Odor-Fight Spray has destroys odors and controls their source, for guaranteed all-day odor protection. It also freshens feet and absorbs sweat.
  • Blister Cushions help heal & prevent blisters, with thin & flexible Duragel® technology for nearly invisible protection. They provide all-day pain relief and protect blisters from painful shoe pressure & rubbing.

Wear Insoles during athletic activities to absorb shock and reduce stress on lower body joints.


Apply Odor-X spray daily to control odors and keep feet and shoes fresh & dry.


Use Blister Cushions as needed to help heal & prevent blisters.

Odor-X® Ultra Odor-Fighting Spray Powder: Isobutane, Alcohol Denat. (14% V/V), Zinc Oxide, Sodium Bicarbonate, Fragrance.

Stay in the game

Image of Dr. Scholl's Sports Insole
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  • 1. Responsive-Wave Cushioning
    Massaging Gel® Advanced multi-layer waves absorb shock and provide cushioning for all-day comfort
  • 2. Activperform technology
    Flexible arch shell delivers motion control with added lateral stability and improves ease in stopping and cutting
Image of Dr. Scholl's Sports Insoles
  • During most athletic activities, the feet and legs are subject to a range of different physical motions and shock, and without the right support this can lead to muscle fatigue.
  • Dr. Scholl’s® Athletic Series Sport Insoles use Massaging Gel® Advanced technology to cushion feet, absorb shock and support the arch of the foot for increased motion control and stability.
  • The moisture trapped in your shoes can cause foot odor.
  • Dr. Scholl’s® Odor-X® Ultra Odor Fighting Spray Powder absorbs sweat and helps eliminate odor.
Image of Dr. Scholl's Blister Treatment  Cushions DURAGEL Technology
  • A blister is skin that has formed a raised bubble and is filled with fluid. Blisters can form anywhere on the feet in response to shoe rubbing and irritation.
  • Dr. Scholl’s® Blister Treatment Cushions with DURAGEL® technology create a clean environment with less friction. This not only provides blister pain relief, but holds moisture to promote healing and help prevent new blisters from forming by reducing friction and shoe rubbing that cause them.

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