Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk16 Hour® Insoles

DreamWalk 16 Hour Insoles

Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk 16 Hour® Insoles provide non-stop comfort all day and all night. With superior shock absorption and an ultra-thin design, they offer comfort and great fit in a variety of shoes.

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  • Non-stop comfort and support all day and all night
  • Provides superior shock absorption and cushioning
  • All day comfort, even on hard surfaces
  • Top cloth fabric helps keep feet cool and dry
  • Ultra-thin design won't crowd toes
  • Removable without damage to shoes
Available in:
  • Women's (sizes 6-10)
Fits comfortably in:
  • Work shoes
  • Casual shoes
  • Sneakers

DreamWalk 16hour insoles

  • Cushioning provides superior shock absorption
  • Top cloth fabric helps keep feet cool and dry
  • Ultra-thin ¾ length design won't crowd toes

How to use:

  • Insert insole with fabric side up, lining up heel with back of shoe
  • Replace after 6 months or at first sign of wear

DreamWalk 16hour insoles

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