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Dr. Scholl's® Active Series®
Blister Treatment Cushion
DURAGEL Technology

Dr. Scholl's® Active Series® Blister Treatment Cushion with advanced DURAGEL® technology is a thin and flexible cushion that conforms to your foot to help heal and prevent blisters. Plus, it is nearly invisible – so you can treat your blister discreetly. And because it’s sweat resistant, your active lifestyle won’t get in the way of taking care of your blister.

  • 4Helps heal and prevent blisters
  • 4Thin and flexible to help stay on
  • 4Designed for all day pain relief
  • 4Nearly invisible and discreet
  • 4Conforms to heels and other areas of the foot
Foot Activeseries Blister Illustration

Advanced DURAGEL® technology uses a unique gel cushion that is thin and flexible.  The cushion conforms to the contour of your skin and is nearly invisible when you wear it, making it very discreet

  • 4Creates a clean, less friction environment for blister healing
  • 4Helps prevent blisters by reducing friction and shoe rubbing that cause them

Instructions for Use: Ensure the skin is clean, dry and free of creams and oils

  • step1
    Remove backing film marked "STEP 1" and place center (adhesive side down) over blister
  • step2
    Remove backing film marked "STEP 2" and firmly smooth down adhesive edge to skin
  • Replace when strip begins to loosen

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