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corn removers

Dr. Scholl's®DURAGEL Technology Corn Removers

Dr.Scholl's® Corn Removers with advanced DURAGEL® technology removes corns fast, with as few as two treatments. It's thin and flexible and nearly invisible when you wear it, making it very discreet

  • 4Removes corns fast with as few as two treatments
  • 4Thin and flexible- easily fits in any shoe
  • 4Provides all day cushioning pain relief
  • 4Wrap around cushion
  • 4Nearly invisible and discreet
Corn Removers

Advanced DURAGEL® technology uses a unique gel cushion that is thin and flexible. The cushion conforms to the contour of your skin and is nearly invisible when you wear it, making it very discreet

  • 4Salicylic acid removes corns fast – with as few as two treatments. Some corns may take up to 14 days
  • 4Cushioning provides relief from painful corns by protecting them from painful shoe pressure and friction

Instructions for Use:

  • instructions
    Ensure the skin is clean, dry and free of creams and oils. Place sticky side of disc directly over center of the corn
  • step1
    Remove backing film marked "STEP 1" and place center (adhesive side down over corn)
  • step2
    Remove backing film marked "STEP 2" using the blue tab and firmly smooth down adhesive edge to skin

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