Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel® Work Insoles

Massaging Gel Work Insoles

Tough enough for men and women who work on their feet all day, Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel® Work Insoles provide superior cushioning that lasts. Try Dr. Scholl's Work Insoles and take on the day!

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  • Tough enough for hard working feet
  • Superior cushioning that lasts
  • Cooling vents designed to keep feet cool and dry on the job
  • Great for arch support
  • All-day shock absorption, especially on hard surfaces
Available in:
Men's (sizes 8-13)
Women's (sizes 6-10)
Designed to fit:
Work boots
Casual shoes

Massaginggel work Insoles Illustration

  • Delivers energizing support and cushioning
  • Firm columns provide contoured support to over-worked arch area
  • Massaging Gel® waves act like tiny springs to cushion feet all day long
  • Durable design cushions all day long
  • Cooling vents keep feet cool and dry

How to use:

  • Remove your original insole and use this as a replacement insole
  • Trim to fit
  • Replace every 6 months or at first signs of wear

Massaginggel work Insoles Illustration

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