Rough/Dry Skin

Skin that is thickened, cracked or dry, or that sometimes appears reddened. If you have these symptoms, including cracked heels and feet, you have a common condition known as dry skin.

Rough, dry skin can range from simple dry skin to painful, peeling or flaking areas of the skin and/or red, itchy patches.

Although anyone can get it, as you age you are more susceptible to rough, dry skin. It most commonly occurs on the heels, ball of foot, or sides of the foot.

Rough, dry skin may occur for a variety of reasons including aging, medical conditions (athlete's foot, diabetes, psoriasis, thyroid disease) or seasonality.

Winter typically brings on rough, dry skin due to decreased air humidity and man-made causes such as indoor heaters.

  • Rehydration of the skin by drinking water is key to reducing roughness and dryness
  • Use lotions, ointments and creams to keep skin hydrated
  • Using creams or lotions and wearing socks at night may help the lotion work more effectively

Not medical advice, see a doctor if problems persist.

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