Best blister coverage available

Duragel® Blister Testimonial from I have tried every type of blister remedy and this is by far the best I’ve ever used. I am currently at a conference in Vegas and having to walk around all day. I am so glad I had these Dr. Scholl’s with me. Total lifesaver for my feet. I View Full →

Really works

Ingrown Toenail Testimonial from I had an ingrown toe nail and stubbornly dealt with the extreme pain for about 6 months unable to properly trim the nail. I bought this product after reading reviews and it honestly softened the nail to the point where I gave the nail a really good cut. I kick View Full →

Love it!

Odor-X® Odor Fighting Spray Powder Testimonial from I absolutely love this spray powder. Being a spray, it is super easy to apply. I love that it keeps my feet nice and dry and I don’t get smelly even when I do not wear socks. This product works very well and I do recommend it.

Great product

Callus Remover with Duragel® Technology Testimonial from I finally found something to help remove the callus on the side of my toe. I can now put shoes on without it hurting. I will need to continue to use these for awhile. You don’t even know it is there.

Great product

Corn Cushions with Duragel® Technology Testimonial from This pad stayed in place all day and protected my corn on my pinky toe. It was comfortable in my shoe. I didn’t even know it was on there! It was easy to apply and remove. Dr. Scholl’s makes wonderful products!

Preparing for a tough hike.

Sport Testimonial from I wore Dr Scholl’s Sport insoles for my 500+ mile hike across Spain (Camino de Santiago) in 2019. The insoles were comfortable and performed well. No blisters for the entire walk either.

Excellent insole for my daily walking commute

Fitness Walking Testimonial from I walk 2.5 miles to and from work every day so a comfortable shoe is extremely important. I gave these insoles a try and they have transformed my favorite walking shoes and improved the comfort tremendously. I believe these have extended the life of my shoes by at least another View Full →

New to using insoles and I’m in love!

Running Testimonial from With the pandemic keeping me at home, I’ve taken to running for my main exercise. I’ve run quite a bit in the past and have struggled with shin splints and plantar fasciitis on numerous occasions. It never occurred to me to see about trying out a different insole, rather than buying View Full →

Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics

Ball of Foot Testimonial from This product offered tremendous cushioning and is well worth the money. I recommend this product to anyone with front foot pain issues. This item was also recommended to me by a podiatrist I had been seeing.

Plantar Fasciitis Must

Plantar Fasciitis Testimonial from I was a bit hesitant with this purchase, but when you have foot pain, you are willing to try just about anything. Easy to pick-up in the grocery store and excellent for plantar fasciitis pain relief! I was very pleasantly surprised. I put them in my sneakers and am back View Full →