Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel® Sport Replacement Insoles

Ideal for athletic footwear, Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel® Sport Replacement Insoles feature Massaging Gel® waves in the forefoot and heel that provide shock absorption and act like tiny springs to cushion feet and keep you going.

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  • Cushions active feet where you need it most
  • Absorbs shock and reduces stress on joints
  • Athlete-tested
Available in:
  • Men's (sizes 8-13)
  • Women's (sizes 6-10)
Designed to fit:
  • Running shoes
  • Court shoes
  • Athletic shoes

How it works

  • Delivers energizing support and cushioning
  • Superior shock absorption: Heel pad delivers excellent shock absorption to reduce stress on lower body joints
  • Massaging Gel® waves cushion where you need it most
  • Excellent support: Arch shell provides additional support for improved motion control and side-to side stability
How to use:
  • Your Shoes insoles are probably removable - take them out first
  • Place insole into shoe to test for size
  • If needed trim along the outline that matches your shoe size
  • Insert insole into shoe Gel side down
  • Replace the insoles every six months

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