The Facts On Heel Spurs:

What Are Heel Spurs?

Image of internal foot showing pain from  heel or bone spurs. 

Heel spurs are growths of bone that appear on the bottom of your heels.

Visible via X-ray and protruding as much as half an inch, heel spurs themselves aren’t often very painful, but they can cause heel pain and can be present with other conditions such as plantar fasciitis, and Achilles Tendinitis.

What Causes Heel Spurs?

The cause of heel spurs can be a muscle or ligament strain (or both) in your foot. Connecting your heel and ball of your foot is a long band of tissue, and when it gets stretched too much, heel spurs can result. In addition, heel spurs can appear when the membrane that covers your heel bone is worn away by shoes that don’t fit correctly, excessive weight or an imbalance in the way you move.

image of woman wearing flats stepping up stairs

How to Relieve and Help Prevent Heel Spurs?

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