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Tired, achy feet are a signal that the muscles in the feet have become overworked. Because of the great amount of work the muscles in the feet do to withstand pressure and manage bodily movement, they can become overworked during periods of activity. In other cases, the feet may feel tired and achy even during less than active times.

Tired achy feet is not a medical condition, but instead it’s more of a daily phenomenon related to our physiology and overall strength. It can inhibit daily activities. Mild fatigue and achiness may just be an annoyance. That’s in part because the body has specific biofeedback mechanisms to slow us down when our sensory nerves detect the signs of tired, achy feet or muscle fatigue.

Certain injuries can cause the feet to feel tired and achy. If you’re experiencing persistent pain in your feet, see your doctor. You may have a condition that requires medical attention.


Your feet may feel tired and achy for a number of reasons, including:

Overuse  This is the major cause of muscle fatigue or tired, achy feet. If your job requires you to stand or put pressure on your feet for extended periods, you may experience achiness and fatigue at the end of the day. The feet can also become tired and achy following long stretches of walking or other forms of exercise that strain the feet. Many people experience achy feet at night due to rigorous daytime activity. Achy feet in the morning can also be a problem for some people since the feet don’t always have a chance to fully recover during sleeping hours. It’s not uncommon to have achy feet when waking up.

Improper footwear  Shoes that lack necessary arch support and cushioning can leave the feet feeling tired and achy.

Hard surfaces  Walking and standing on hard surfaces, especially barefoot, can lead to foot fatigue and achiness.

High and fallen arches  People who have very high arches or fallen arches (flat feet) are more likely to suffer from soreness and fatigue because the feet aren’t as effective at stabilizing the body and distributing weight properly.

Extra weight  People who are overweight or obese tend to experience tired, achy feet more often due to excess pressure on the feet.

Foot conditions and injuries — Certain conditions and injuries can cause symptoms that include feelings of fatigue and achiness in the feet. Such injuries include heel spurs, sprains and plantar fasciitis.


There are a number of tired, achy feet home remedies that can help with both relief and prevention, including:

Rest  Avoid overworking your feet by scheduling breaks. Giving your feet regular rest during the day can help reduce strain that can lead to tired, achy feet.

Foot soaks  At the end of a long day, pamper your feet with a rejuvenating foot bath. You can add essential oils or Epsom salt to the water to soothe tired, achy muscles.

Heat therapy  Tired, achy feet can benefit from therapeutic heat. You can use a heating pad or a heat therapy device designed specifically for achy feet relief.

Massage — Regular foot massage can help ease achy muscles and promote relaxation. You can massage your feet with your hands or you can use a specialized tool like a foot roller or massage ball. Dr. Scholl’s® Hot & Cold Foot Massage Ball features a textured surface to stimulate sore feet. The ball can be filled with hot or cold water for additional therapeutic benefits.

Stretching and strengthening exercises — Keeping the feet strong and flexible with regular stretching and strengthening exercises can help reduce soreness and fatigue.  

High quality shoes  Choose shoes with good arch support and shock absorbers, especially when you’re going to be walking or standing for long durations.

Shoe insoles — Consider wearing insoles with your shoes for additional support and cushioning. There are several options that can help with tired, achy feet.

Dr. Scholl’s® Stabilizing Support Insoles are designed to promote stability and balance, easing foot pressure that can lead to fatigue and achiness. The insoles can be worn with everyday shoes for all-day comfort.

Dr. Scholl’s® Float-On-Air™ Foam Insoles feature cushioning bubbles that put a bounce in every step to reduce fatigue and allow you to stay on your feet longer without achiness.

Dr. Scholl’s® Eco-Foam™ All-Day Insoles offer an eco-friendly solution for tired, aching feet. Natural and recycled materials cushion and support the feet, reducing soreness and fatigue.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do for tired feet

Tired, achy feet are caused by fatigue in the muscles of the feet. If your feet are tired after an active day, it’s important to take the time to rest them. Without proper rest, your feet won’t have a chance to recover so that they can support you throughout all of your activities the next day. If your feet are swollen, it can be helpful to elevate them by propping them on a pillow and relaxing for about 15-20 minutes. In addition to rest, there are many things you can do for tired feet, including:

Insoles  Wearing insoles with your shoes can help ease fatigue in the feet. Dr. Scholl’s® Comfort & Energy Massaging Gel® Basic Insoles provide long-lasting comfort for active feet. They fit easily into a variety of shoes without causing crowding.

Massage  Regular massage can help soothe tired feet and promote relaxation.  Dr. Scholl’s® Hot & Cold Foot Massage Ball can help ease fatigue and soreness, especially when it’s filled with hot water.

Epsom salt soak — Treating the feet to a relaxing foot soak with Epsom salt can help relieve tired feet while providing a relaxing, pampering experience.

Foot exercises — Regular foot exercises can help strengthen the muscles in the feet so they’re more resistant to fatigue. Ask a physical therapist or healthcare provider for guidance.

How to soak tired aching feet

If you’re looking to soak your tired, aching feet, consider a relaxing foot bath using Epsom salt. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package. It’s generally recommended to use one or two tablespoons of Epsom salt per quart of water, or one or two cups for a full bathtub. Use warm but not hot water. Let your feet soak for about 15 minutes. You can also choose to use a foot soak with essential oils rather than Epsom salt. Follow the directions from the manufacturer.

Why are my feet tired all the time?

Constant foot fatigue can be caused by a number of factors. Some injuries can lead to foot fatigue. If you suspect an injury, see your doctor for an evaluation and treatment. Other causes of foot fatigue include overuse from daily activity such as sports and work, and improper footwear that lacks support and cushioning. People who are overweight and those with foot conditions such as flat feet are more likely to experience foot fatigue as well.

How to help sore tired feet

Insoles can help tired, achy feet. Insoles that specifically target fatigue and soreness in the feet can be beneficial when worn with good quality shoes. Dr. Scholl’s® Pain Relief Orthotics for Sore Soles are designed to help people who have to be on their feet all day. Stimulating nodules deliver pain-relieving massage with each step while Shock Guard® Technology absorbs shock that can lead to pain.

What to soak tired achy feet in

It’s best to soak tired achy feet in warm but not hot water. If you want to enhance your foot bath, there are a number of options. You can use Epsom salts or a variety of different essential oils such as tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, ginger, lavender or rosemary. You can use just one ingredient or a combination of ingredients.

Why do my feet feel tired all the time?

There can be a number of reasons for persistent foot fatigue, including:

  • Daily physical demands with little rest for the feet
  • Inappropriate shoes that don’t have adequate cushioning or support
  • Standing, walking or running on hard, irregular surfaces on a regular basis

See your doctor if your foot fatigue is interfering with your daily activities. You may have an injury or a condition that requires medical treatment

How to relax tired feet at home

Your home is the perfect environment for relaxing your tired feet. Take off your shoes and follow these steps:

  • Lie or sit down and elevate your feet using a pillow or cushion for 15-20 minutes.
  • Soak your feet in a warm bath. You can add Epsom salts or essential oils to the bath water for an extra relaxing experience.
  • Gently massage tired feet using your hands or a massage ball designed for the feet.
  • Stretch your feet by alternating flexing and pointing positions. You can also gently rotate your ankles in both directions.

How to help tired achy feet

A variety of home remedies can help tired achy feet, including rest, massage, warm foot soaks and orthotics and insoles specifically designed to reduce achiness and fatigue in the feet such as Dr. Scholl’s® Float-On-Air™ Foam Insoles. Icing and pain relievers may also be beneficial for tired achy feet.

How do you relieve tired feet?

The most effective way to relieve tired feet is with regular rest. It’s important to stay off your feet and give them a break so they have a chance to recharge. If workouts are contributing to tired feet, consider reducing your schedule or opting for low-impact workouts in between high-impact workouts. Choose shoes that are designed specifically for your activity type and consider wearing insoles or orthotics for extra support and stability such as Dr. Scholl’s® Stabilizing Support Insoles.

Tired feet can also benefit from elevation, massage and a warm foot bath.

How to soothe tired feet

A relaxing foot soak in warm water can help soothe tired feet. For added benefits, consider adding Epsom salts or essential oils to the water.

Massage can also be very soothing for the feet. If you don’t want to make an appointment with a massage therapist, you can massage your own feet using your hands or a foot massage ball. A relaxing foot massage oil can enhance the experience.