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Tips to Help Reduce Lower Back Pain

Tips to Help Reduce Lower Back Pain

Some things you can do to help prevent lower back pain include maintaining a healthy weight and good posture along with practicing proper techniques when lifting heavy objects.

Many of us don’t realize the toll improper posture can take on our backs. The way we carry ourselves can impact our overall alignment and back health. If you’re experiencing back pain, you might find that a few simple corrections to your posture can make a world of difference.

Lifting heavy objects can also cause major strain on the back and even result in injury. It’s important to take your time and practice proper techniques when lifting.

Here are some tips for better posture and lifting techniques:

When standing:

  • Keep your pelvis in a neutral position.
  • Rest one foot on a low footstool to reduce stress on your lower back.
  • Lift your body upwards to maintain good posture and reduce back muscle stress.

When sitting:

  • Change your sitting position frequently, making adjustments if you feel discomfort.
  • Choose a chair with good lumbar (lower back) support and armrests.
  • If you need extra support, place a pillow against the natural curve of your back.
  • Get up from your desk and take a little walk at least once an hour.

When lifting objects:

  • Avoid lifting heavy objects when possible. When this can’t be avoided, lift using the legs.
  • Keep the back straight and bend at the knees.
  • Hold heavy objects close to your body.
  • Ask someone to help with heavy lifting.

Maintaining a healthy weight can prevent back pain

Excess weight can put pressure on your back muscles and joints. When you’re overweight, your muscles need to work harder in order to help you accomplish everyday activities. The extra weight on the spine can also lead to herniated disks which then press on nerves, causing debilitating pain.

Losing weight can help reduce strain on your spinal column and your back muscles. You might not think that dropping a few pounds will change much, but even a small amount of weight loss can make a big difference.

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