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Dr. Scholls Teams Up with Sportscaster Erin Andrews on her Road to the Big Game

Dr. Scholls Teams Up with Sportscaster Erin Andrews on her Road to the Big Game

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Jan. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Scholl’s®, the most trusted brand in foot care, announced its partnership today with sports journalist & Entrepreneur Erin Andrews in preparation for her journey to the big game. As Andrews reflects on this past football season and prepares to take the year’s brightest sideline spotlight, she is sharing her secrets to getting through it all comfortably on her feet.

“The countless hours spent on my feet throughout the season can take a toll on my body, leaving me – and my feet – exhausted.” says Andrews. “As I gear up for football’s biggest night, my first line of defense in protecting my feet and keeping them in game-time shape is Dr. Scholl’s®.”

Dr. Scholl’s® has been in the foot game since 1906, today boasting a broad portfolio geared toward foot and lower body health & wellness ranging from insoles, skincare and aid products.

“Whether you’re an athlete on the gridiron, a sportscaster on the move or a superfan jumping in the stands, preparation starts well before you take the literal or figurative field,” said Kate Godbout, SVP Marketing at Scholl’s Wellness Company. “Being prepared is more than half the battle and we’re excited to arm Erin with the products she needs to support and protect her foot health, and therefore overall health and wellbeing.”

Erin Andrews’ “Necessary Foot Locker”:

  • New Dr. Scholl’s® Prevent Pain Protective Insoles are the only clinically proven insoles to prevent lower body pain, strain and stiffness for long days spent on her feet. Complete with impact-absorbing cushioning and a shock absorbing heel, the insoles help to manage stress at the joints and take some pressure off Andrews’ feet.
  • New Dr. Scholl’s® Revitalize Recovery Insoles improve post-game recovery faster by reducing fatigue, giving the foot a little massage with every step and keeping Andrews and her feet refreshed and ready for another game.
  • Andrews stashes Dr. Scholl’s® Severe Cracked Heel Balm easy-to-use stick applicator in her carry-on while traveling to hydrate, soothe, soften and protect her feet on the go.

Learn more about Dr. Scholl’s® products and partnership with Erin Andrews at https://www.drscholls.com/t/erin-andrews-n-f-l/.


The Dr. Scholl’s® brand has been synonymous with foot care for more than a century and today, boasts a broad portfolio geared toward foot and lower body health and wellness. The company was founded by William Mathias Scholl, M.D., whose focus on scientifically supporting the feet to improve mobility helped Dr. Scholl’s® become a household name. Dr. Scholl’s® products are clinically engineered and proven to provide comfort, reduce fatigue, and relieve and prevent lower body pain. Today, Scholl’s Wellness Company continues to advance the science of movement, foot care and lower body health with a mission to help people be more active and move comfortably every day of their lives. Visit https://www.drscholls.com for more details.

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