The Facts On Tired, Achy Feet:

What Are Tired, Achy Feet?

Xray image of a foot indicating  inflammation from tired and achy feet. 

Anyone can get sore, achy and tired feet. However, it is more likely to occur in people with flat or high-arched feet. It can also occur in people who are overweight, people who work on their feet all day and/or people who are not used to being on their feet who suddenly engage in a higher level of activity.

The problem with tired, achy feet is that it keeps you from moving at your best. It can even affect your mood and may lead to more serious foot issues.

What Causes Tired And Achy Feet?

Tired, achy feet are caused by overworking the foot muscles, so anyone can experience it. However, it is more likely to occur if the foot is improperly supported. When the foot is improperly supported, it may not function as efficiently as a shock absorber. As a result, weight is not distributed efficiently, which can cause achy, sore and/or tired feet.

image of man rubbing his toes

How to Relieve and Help Prevent Tired or Achy Feet?

It’s not always practical to simply rest your feet, but there are some steps you can take to get relief for your tired, achy feet:

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