The Facts on Foot Corns:

What Is A Corn?

Image of woman holding foot with corn on  pinky toe. 

When there’s an area of pressure or a spot that’s especially bony on your foot, a corn can appear. Caused by the buildup of hard, dead skin, they are often cone-like and most commonly found on toe joints. Special skin cells found all over your outer layers of skin called keratinocytes produce this hard skin, which is your body’s attempt at protecting itself from friction or pressure.

Unfortunately, this extra skin can become an uncomfortable problem because the cone-shaped area transfers pressure to the skin underneath, causing discomfort.

What Causes A Corn?

If you have a corn, it is likely because of friction and pressure from footwear. Repetitive activities like running, climbing stairs or even skiing can also cause a corn on your toe or foot.

What Can I Do?

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