Bunion Cushions

Bunion Cushions


We designed Dr. Scholl’s® Bunion Cushions specifically for people who have painful bunions.

Product Benefits


  • Dual cushioning layer delivers immediate & all-day bunion pain relief by easing shoe pressure & friction
  • Designed to stay on all day
  • 6 cushions
  • A bunion is a painful enlargement caused by swelling of the big toe joint. Heredity, poorly fitting shoes, and abnormal motion of the feet are some major causes of bunions.
  • Dr. Scholl’s® Bunion Cushions use a dual cushioning layer to ease painful shoe pressure & friction, and help provide immediate and all day pain relief.

Wash and dry feet thoroughly.


Carefully remove cushion from backing and apply directly over the bunion or tender, enlarged joint.


If pain persists or worsens, a podiatrist can prescribe specialty fitted shoes, orthotic devices or surgery.

WarningIf you have diabetes or poor blood circulation, consult your doctor or podiatrist before use.