Callus Cushions With Duragel® Technology


We designed Dr. Scholl’s® Callus Cushions with DURAGEL® technology specifically for people who have painful calluses on their feet, and want discreet cushioning. Advanced DURAGEL® technology is thin and flexible and provides all-day pain relief by cushioning and reducing callus pressure.

Product Benefits

All-day cushioning pain relief from calluses

  • Relieves callus pressure
  • Made with DURAGEL® technology: thin, flexible and nearly invisible cushions

Warning: If you have diabetes, poor blood circulation or fragile skin, consult your doctor or podiatrist before use.

  • 5 treatment cushions
Weight 1 oz
  • A callus is caused by the buildup of hard, dead skin over an area of pressure or bony prominence. Calluses on the feet are often caused by friction and pressure from footwear as well as abnormal patterns of walking or repetitive activities (such as in sports).
  • Dr. Scholl’s® Callus Cushions with DURAGEL® technology surround calluses and hard skin with a thin and flexible gel that provides immediate relief from painful shoe pressure and friction.

Remove backing film marked “Step 1” and place center (adhesives side down) over callus with narrower side pointing toward your toes.


Remove backing film marked “Step 2”, remove blue tab and firmly smooth down adhesive edge to skin.