Clear Away® Plantar Wart Remover


We designed Dr. Scholl’s® CLEAR Away® Plantar Wart Remover specifically for people with plantar warts. Salicylic acid within the medicated discs helps remove plantar warts, while the cushioning pad helps relieve pain when you walk.

Product Benefits

Clinically proven for plantar wart removal

  • Cushioning pad relieves pain when you walk
  • Maximum strength medicated discs

Warning: If you have diabetes or poor blood circulation, consult your doctor or podiatrist before use.

  • 24 cushioning pads, 24 medicated discs


Weight 2 oz
  • A plantar wart is a skin growth caused by human papillomavirus, (HPV) on the sole of your foot. The virus can infect the top layer of skin and enters the sole of your foot in an area of broken skin.
  • Dr. Scholl’s® CLEAR Away® Plantar Wart Remover works by using salicylic acid to remove plantar warts and by padding the wart to relieve pain while you walk. Once the wart is removed, the body then replaces the wart tissue with normal, new tissue.

Active ingredient
Salicylic acid 40% (Wart remover)

Inactive ingredients
antioxidant (CAS 991-84-4), iron oxides, mineral oil, petroleum hydrocarbon resin, silicon dioxide, synthetic polyisoprene rubber, talc

Detailed instructions available inside the package.


Wash affected area.


May soak wart in warm water for 5 minutes. Then Dry area thoroughly.


If necessary, cut medicated disc to fit wart.


Self-adhesive cushioning pads may be used to conceal medicated disc and wart.

Repeat procedure, reapplying the plantar wart treatment every 48 hours as needed (until wart is removed) for up to 12 weeks