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Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk is the first full line of products designed specifically to meet women's unique foot care needs.

  • Flexicushion Insoles
    Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk® Flexicushion Insoles
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  • DreamWalk High Heel Insoles
    Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk® High Heel Insoles
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  • DreamWalk Comfort Insoles
    Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk® Comfort Insoles
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  • Dream Walk 16 Hour Insoles
    Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk 16 Hour® Insoles
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  • DreamWalk Sole Expressions Insoles
    Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk Sole Expressions® Insoles
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  • DreamWalk Fresh Cool Insoles
    Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk Fresh & Cool Insoles
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  • Dreamwalk Ball of Foot cushions
    Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk® Ball of Foot Cushions
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  • Dream Walk Hidden Arch support
    Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk® Hidden Arch® Supports
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  • DreamWalk Sole Expressions Heel Liners
    Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk Sole Expressions® Heel Liners
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  • DreamWalk Heel Liners
    Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk Heel Liners
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Rub Relief Products
  • For Her RubRelief trade Strips
    Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk® Rub Relief® Strips
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Pedicure Tools
  • Smooth my Sole Mmicro File
    Dr. Scholl's® Dreamwalk Smooth My Sole® Micro File
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  • DreamWalk Exfoliating StoneFile
    Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk Exfoliating Stone File
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Foot Cream and scrubs
  • DreamWalk Ultra Overnight Foot Cream
    Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk® Ultra Overnight Foot Cream
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  • Intensive Heel Repair Cream
    Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk Intensive Heel Repair Cream
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