Heel Liners Variety Pack

Heel Liners Variety Pack


We designed Dr. Scholl’s® Stylish Step® Gel Heel Liners Variety Pack specifically for women with uncomfortable rubbing at their heels.

Product Benefits
  • Prevents uncomfortable shoe rubbing at the heel to make any shoe all-day wearable
  • Prevents shoe slipping for a better shoe fit
  • Fits comfortably around heels and removable without damaging shoes
  • Convenient 3-pack with 2 pairs of foam liners and 1 pair of gel liners
Image of Dr. Scholl's Heel liners
  • 1. Soft protective cushioning
    Helps prevent shoe rubbing and slipping
  • 2. Slim design
    Fits comfortably around heels to improve shoe fit
  • 3. Easy adhesion
    Stays firmly in place but are removable without damaging shoes
Image of Dr. Scholl's Gel Heel Liners
  • Wearing shoes that are tight or that do not fit properly can create friction and rubbing on sensitive areas of your heel, which can be painful or cause blisters
  • Dr. Scholl’s® Stylish Step® Gel Heel Liners easily adhere to your shoe to create a cushioning, protective barrier between your shoe and the skin of your heel. This helps reduce friction and makes shoes more comfortable.

Wipe inside of shoe clean


Remove plastic backing from the heel liners; with liner curving down, press firmly into shoe where heel rubbing occurs.

Replace after six (6) months or at first signs of wear

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