Hidden Arch Support For Flats

Hidden Arch Support For Flats


We designed Dr. Scholl’s® Stylish Step® Hidden Arch Support for Flats specifically for women who experience pain in the arches of their feet as a result of wearing flats.

Product Benefits
  • Helps prevent arch pain in flats
  • Soft gel comfortably supports arch
  • Stays firmly in place and won’t crowd feet in shoes

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Image of Dr. Scholl's hidden-arch-support
  • 1. Slim Design
    Fits easily and comfortably in flats and any women’s shoes without crowding feet
  • 2. Easy Adhesion
    Stays firmly in place but are removable without damaging shoes
  • 3. Softest Gel
    Provides firm yet comfortable arch support
Image of Dr. Scholl's arch pain Insole
  • Arch pain can result from stress on the arch joints, which may be associated with flat, weak, fallen or high arches, and may be aggravated by wearing flats, which often have little arch support.
  • Dr. Scholl’s® Stylish Step® Support for Flats provide discreet, comfortable and superior support to help prevent arch pain.

Wipe inside of shoes clean.


Remove plastic backing and place inserts in the arch area, line the thicker area up with the inner part of shoe.


Reposition as needed so support fits under natural arch of foot.

Replace arch support inserts after six (6) months or after first signs of wear.

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